Unlock the power of credit

We all know we need to build credit, but how remains a mystery. Keebo gives you the tips and tricks to achieve your goals - fast and responsibly.

Join the future of credit

The old way of approving credit is broken. We determine eligibility by looking at your overall financial wellbeing - not your postcode or age bracket.

A better way to manage your money

With easy to use tools, helpful insights and the option to customise your repayment plan, our app is designed to make managing your money as simple as spending it.


Connect your bank accounts to give us a full picture of your finances, so we can see whether we can offer you a credit card.


Earn points as you spend money and make repayments. We’ll help you learn how to build credit with personalised tips and smart insights.


We’ll give you tools like spending limits and autopay. They help you to take control of your finances and make decisions that help you smash your goals.

Make credit count

A credit card shouldn’t be an insurance policy. Learn how to spend smart so you can earn your way to better credit.

For the bold

Makers, dreamers and creators - we’re here for you. Unconventional doesn’t mean irresponsible.