The world has changed, it’s time credit did too

We’re on a mission to transform credit from an outdated category by using open banking data to extend access and empower growth, so more can unlock the power of credit to jumpstart their future.

Give yourself some credit

Freelancers are more likely to get denied access to credit. Unconventional is too often mistaken for irresponsible. We like unconventional. Breaking convention is how we make things better. With us you get no unwanted surprises, loads of tips and tricks to level up your financial game. And a personalised experience so you can build credit faster and better.

Credit that does right by you

Growing up, we were taught that debt is bad and that credit is a necessary evil. What if we could change all that by providing you with a personalised program that worked with you to achieve your goals? At Keebo, we’re putting the latest technology to good use because we genuinely like banking and we want others to too.

We look at the big picture

Traditional banks still use outdated data to approve your credit. This approach denies millions of responsible people access to building credit. At Keebo, we also use open banking data to paint a more representative portrait of financial responsibility. Our proprietary technology allows responsible candidates to be approved, even if they've never had credit before.

Make credit count

At Keebo, every action and transaction you make goes towards getting you Keebo points which contribute to building your credit. The more accounts you link up with us, the quicker you accelerate to your goals because we’re able to get more creative on how to make your credit work for you.

Apply without impacting your credit score

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