A credit card with purpose

We believe credit has power. We’re here to help you unlock that power and give you the tips and tricks to achieve your goals - faster and responsibly.
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Manage your money, in one place

Get in control of your money by linking all your accounts to your Keebo app. Our app is designed to make managing your money as simple as spending it.

Plan your payments with Autopay

Set a payment plan that works for you to help you avoid late payments. We understand that your circumstances may change - that’s life. Don’t worry, autopay is easy and flexible. You can edit it at any time to suit your needs.

Make credit count

Understand how your behaviour actually builds your credit limit through points and insights. Boost your points to accelerate your growth and enhance your knowledge to become a pro.

Protect your money and data

Don’t worry, you can freeze your card easily whenever you need through our app to protect your account. Feel safe knowing that your data is encrypted and secured through open banking security.

Apply without impacting your credit score

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