Raising a dispute

Version 1.0
5 December 2021
Your rights under the Section 75 Consumer Credit Act

Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, you're covered if something goes wrong with new or second-hand goods you've purchased on your credit card in the UK or abroad.

Under Section 75, you could be entitled to compensation from Keebo, if goods you've bought on your credit card are:

  • faulty
  • not delivered
  • or the information given about them was misleading

You’ll be able to make a Section 75 claim as long as:

  • at least part of the goods or services were purchased on your credit card by you, the main cardholder (additional cardholders or third parties won't be covered)
  • the single value of the one item is between £100 to £30,000
  • the purchase was made less than six years ago
  • your purchase was not made through a third party like Alibaba, Amazon Marketplace, Clearpay, Curve, PayPal, Western Union or Klarna. They might not be covered, however these third parties may have their own protection schemes. If the retailer uses PayPal to take payments and you’ve used your Barclaycard as normal, you’ll still be covered by Section 75

The quickest way make a Section 75 claim is to contact support@keebo.com

If you're not sure you've got a valid claim, don't worry. When you submit a dispute to us through support@keebo.com, we first review your submission to make sure we understand your situation and have everything we need to get your money back.