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We’re providing the next generation with fair and affordable credit, and a safe space to flourish financially.

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KEEBO makes credit smart. We help you accelerate your financial success by giving you access to a transparent, low-interest rate credit card that adjusts to your use. We give you affordable credit today and help you get better credit tomorrow, unlocking new financial opportunities.

Conquer your goals, dream bigger.

We’ll give you access to a fair, low-interest rate credit card, and enlighten you about its life-changing benefits when used mindfully. It’s time to start achieving your goals and unlocking your full potential.

Feel good about your money, honey.

KEEBO is designed to make managing your money feel as enjoyable as spending it. Set up your own repayment plan and we’ll make sure you stick to it, by sending you kind reminders and encouragements, as well as automating your transfers.

Enjoy the wonders of personalised credit.

Everyone is unique, credit should be too. That’s why your KEEBO credit will always adapt to your use. As you start making better money decisions and improving your score, we’ll reward you with lower interest rates and higher spending limits. We provide the tools, you take the wheel.

Grow with us.

Even if you’re not applicable for credit just yet, we’ll provide a safe space for you to flourish financially, by offering thoughtful advice, personal insights and hand-picked content most relevant to you. Together let’s start paving your way towards success.

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